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At Cell Constructs, we are committed to innovating new human keratin-based healthcare technologies in order to provide patients and their healthcare providers with leading-edge active wound care solutions. Our scientists are discovering new formulations to increase and release the power of human keratin for use in current and new applications and new markets.

Our research philosophy is focused on wound care technologies to advance healing, as well as exploring new approaches to help physicians help their patients.

  • Can we leverage other technology platforms to help patients better understand their wound status?
  • How do we help physicians identify wound characteristics for informed decision-making?
  • How might we address the clinical needs to speed wound healing?
  • Can we expand the power of keratin through other systems?
  • Where are the next new frontiers in wound care advancements?
These are just a few of the questions our R&D team is actively pursuing, as we seek to help patients and physicians in their care journey.
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ProgenaMatrix™ is a medical device cleared by the US FDA for the treatment of dry and exuding partial and full thickness wounds.

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