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Improving Lives Through Innovation

Cell Constructs seeks to develop and deliver to our global community highly effective advanced chronic and acute wound and burn therapies and other medical products which address currently unmet needs in an ethical, responsible, and financially accessible manner. Building on advancements in highly effective and cost-efficient biomaterials technology, Cell Constructs is committed to bringing cutting-edge treatments to patients around the world to drive improvements in global health.

The Power of Human Keratin

ProgenaMatrix™ is a wound matrix manufactured from human keratin proteins- the same proteins which make up human skin. Immediately upon application, ProgenaMatrix creates a barrier to maintain an environment conducive for the healing process to begin.

Keratin has been shown to reduce inflammation and to be associated with enrichment of pro-healing macrophages to support the body's own healing process1. The unique characteristics of ProgenaMatrix make it a biocompatible primary wound matrix and protective barrier; it is intended for use in dry and exuding partial and full-thickness wounds and burns.

1. Waters M, VandeVord P, Van Dyke M. Keratin biomaterials augment anti-inflammatory macrophage phenotype in vitro. Acta Biomater 2018 Jan 15;66:213-223.

Science for Patient-Centric Solutions

Clinical Need for Human Keratin

There is no reliable estimate of the global incidence of burns or of chronic wounds, which lead to debilitating and life-threatening complications as well as increased healthcare costs.1 Burns are on the decline in the United States, but unfortunately that is not true in other locations, such as certain African countries, where pediatric mortality from burn injuries are over 11 times greater than in the US.2 Currently 406,000,000 people worldwide suffer with Type 2 diabetes, which can cause diabetic foot ulcers, and the numbers are rising.3

Despite hundreds of commercially available wound care products used by clinicians in western markets, none offer a human keratin dressing as an option.

1. Järbrink K, Ni G, Sönnergren H, et al. Prevalence and incidence of chronic wounds and related complications: a protocol for a systematic review. Syst Rev. 2016;5(1):152.
2. https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/burns
3. Basu S, Yudkin JS, Kehlenbrink S. Estimation of global insulin use for type 2 diabetes, 2018–30: a microsimulation analysis. Diab and Endocr. 2018;7(1):25-33.

The Importance of Human Keratin

Until recently, keratin has long been considered to have the singular function of providing structure to cells and tissue. Now, Cell Constructs has engineered another important function for human keratin – a wound matrix which supports healing.

Keratin has a very important role in the human body as it serves as the primary protein component of human skin- the organ which interfaces with the world. Wounds are breaches in the keratinized skin layer which expose underlying, unprotected tissues and allow infectious bacteria access into the body. These vulnerabilities are best treated by recreating the keratin barrier. ProgenaMatrix creates a protective barrier with homologous keratin proteins which protects against pathogens and water loss at the wound site, and provides the necessary environment to support the healing process.

How ProgenaMatrix Works

The unique characteristics of ProgenaMatrix make it a transparent, biocompatible primary wound matrix and protective barrier. ProgenaMatrix is packaged fully hydrated and capable of maintaining moisture in the wound bed. As healing progresses and wound margins shrink, ProgenaMatrix's patented design lifts the matrix edges up and away as tissue heals, which can reduce the risk of maceration by limiting contact with the peri-wound tissue.1

1. Mikel G, Weir D. Prevention and Treatment of Moisture-Associated Skin Damage (Maceration) in the Periwound Skin. Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing. 2007; 34, 2: 153-157.

Learn more about ProgenaMatrix™ wound dressing and the science of healing.

Improving Wound and Burn Care through Innovation

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ProgenaMatrix™ is a medical device cleared by the US FDA for the treatment of dry and exuding partial and full thickness wounds.

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