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Enabling Tissue Regeneration

Cell Constructs I, LLC, was formed in 2008 to develop and evaluate proof-of-principle product concepts based upon the use of adult human stem cells.

Cell Constructs I, LLC (“CCI”) is a research driven company that develops new product concepts to solve major unmet needs by combining the regenerative potential of adult stem cells with CCI’s proprietary biomaterials. Our biomaterials facilitate efficient utilization of stem cells in regenerative healing and tissue engineering applications.

CCI currently is developing ProgenaMatrix™ for the regenerative healing of chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers. This product is comprised of pure human keratin reconstituted into a clear hydrogel film. Although initially developed as a delivery vehicle for administering stem cells into a chronic wound, pre-clinical studies revealed that keratin alone in this proprietary configuration stimulates the formation of new “granulation tissue”, a prerequisite step for chronic wounds to begin the healing process. Preclinical studies also showed that ProgenaMatrix™ reduces the time required for wound closure in delayed healing diabetic wounds.

Life. Science.

In the past, popular thinking placed the aging process on a linear path from birth to death. We now know that the human body is in a constant state of self-renewal.

Normally on the sidelines while other cells do the daily metabolic chores that keep us going; a small reserve of adult stem cells heal injuries and drive the regeneration of worn-out tissue.

Keratin Biomaterial

CCI uses pure human keratin selectively extracted from hair as a starting material to construct sterile implants and dressings that accelerate tissue regeneration. This technology is covered by a recently issued United States Patent (US 9,072,818). Other patents are pending.